Encouraging churches and pastors to be active in missionary activities. Speaking in revival meetings, conferences, and seminars, Bro. Bob Jones is supported by churches to bring the gospel to churches without breaking their budget. His wife, Sue, teaches children and women.

Please consider giving to "Bibles for India" so that Sue and I can distribute them when we go to India. We want to distribute as many Bibles as possible.

Make checks payable to Baptist Faith Missions, mark the check "Bibles for India," and send to:
Bob Jones
8422 Emmaus Rd
Harrison, TN 37341

Prayer Requests

Mission Trip to Ireland: February 3-March 1
Pray for revival in America.

Thanks for your prayers and help.

Personal Information

Bob and Sue Jones
8422 Emmaus Rd
Harrison, TN 37341

Phone: 423-326-1274
Cell Phone: 423-504-6519

Sending Church

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church
3000 Clays Mill Rd
Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: 859-277-6811
Pastor: Jeffery J. Fugate