Prayer Requests
1. Janet's health - Scardiosis and Diabetes
2. Danny's health - Migraines and continued remission of cancer
3. Salvation of two youngest sons
4. Continued Support

Short-Term Goals
1. Build up the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Cardenas to solid and strong maturity.
2. Set up a sermon web site.
3. Record biblical messages for PA-ME Indian villages

Long-Term Goals
1. Establish PA-ME churches
2. Publish a systematic theology book
3. Return to pastoral training

Contact Information

Family Birthdays
Danny G. Roten, birthday: Feb 11
Janet L. Roten (wife), birthday: Nov 25
Wedding Anniversary: May 23, 1977

Joshua D. Roten (son), birthday: March 18, 1984
Michael L. Roten (son), birthday: September 5, 1989
Daniel G. Roten (son), birthday: September 20, 1993

Danny Roten
6508 N. 17
McAllen, TX 78504
Phone: 956-687-8346

Missions Agency

Sending Church
Sherwood Baptist Church
2845 W. 39th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
Phone: 405-685-7333
Pastor: Paul Brown