The Gospel Mission operates a comprehensive inner-city mission near downtown Dayton, Ohio. It is open to men and women, young and old, of any race, belief, or circumstance. Our program begins with the necessities such as 80,000 nutritionally balanced meals served per year. But our focus is to break the cycle of shattered relationships and alienation.


Restored people can apply God's love and power to strengthen their lives. Renewed, they can regard others as more important than themselves. Many are motivated to share God's blessings in many ways. Lives are being changed daily by meeting Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord and Savior at The Gospel Mission. Practical help is physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In our rich nation, many eat from dumpsters. Only a few purposely choose the wandering lifestyle. Hunger and poverty are often temporary setbacks, inflicting real suffering to be sure. If a family or individual can be fed, given clothing, and be exposed to the Word of God, it can be a decisive change point in their lives.

The kind of charity commanded of us by God is not wishful thinking. It is applying boldness and truth through prayer, service, and gifts. We seek to encourage Christ-like relationships and present Christ in all we do. It gets people back on their feet as nothing else can.

Cities have a concentration of the most needy because that's where food, shelter, and activities are readily available. Some are victims of job downsizing, generations of poverty and ignorance, and chronic shortages of love and companionship.

Children having babies, single parent families, elderly and lonely, and outcast teens can fall through the cracks of government programs. The Gospel Mission is located where the need is great, yet the fields are ripe for harvest.

Take a close look at the information on our pages. It shows how we try to meet the needs of a person as Christ would have us do it.

By His grace,
Kenneth P. Clarkston
Chaplain and Director

Gospel Mission History

Doors were first opened on July 16, 1912, by Reverend and Mrs. Peter Quartel. The location was different, a soap box and a store front downtown on East Fifth Street, but those in need were always welcomed and told of the love of God. During those early years and through the Depression the mission was as it is now, "A light that shineth in the darkness." We have depended upon the Lord for all needs from the very beginning and still do today.

The Gospel Mission is now located on Burns Avenue, a few blocks from downtown Dayton, adjacent to the South Park Historical District. Our needs are many, but God has a way of providing for the most urgent needs through the generous and sacrificial love of many supporters, such as you. The mission does make an impact for Christ in this corner of the world. Many of our people first meet Christ here, and all of this started because two people obeyed the call of God to go and make disciples.

Contact Information

Ken and Sue Clarkston
Dayton Gospel Mission
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Dayton, OH 45402

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